Registration and start

Before departing to their travel on Chuysky Trakt, participants will need to get their start package, and also give out stuff for bag drop at Yaloman control.

Possible changes

Due to the situation with the pandemic, changes to the event are possible. We will publish updates on this website.


We will register participants on 4th July, from 6 PM at Detsky ekologo-turistichesky tsentr located at ulitsa Tekhuchilishche, 14 (referred to as "start location" below). Each participant will need to provide their ID, and also we will take photos of each one.

Upon the registration, a rider will get their start package that includes the route sheet, printed route directions, frame plate numbers, and two labels with numbers: one is to label stuff that is kept at the start location, the other is to label stuff for bag drop at Yaloman control.

The event jersey will also be given at the registration, if the one has been ordered.

Storage at the start location

Each participant may keep their stuff at the start location. Pack your belongings and attach the label included in your start package.

All riders' belongings will be kept in a locked room; only organizers will have access there. However, we kindly ask not to leave there any valuables, money, or documents.

Bag drop

In addition to the start package, each participant will get a sack for the stuff to send to Yaloman control. The sack is made of fabric, its size is approximately 35×45 cm, and its opening is tied with a cord. The amount of stuff is limited by volume of the sack, and we ask not to put there fragile items or liquids in leaky package.

We will receive sacks for bag drops just before the start, on 5th July morning.

The stuff will get back from Yaloman control after the control is closed. They will be returned back to the start location not earlier than 7th July evening.


All riders should come to the start not later than 8:30 AM.

Participants will start in groups of 20 people, the interval between groups will be 10 minutes. The first group will start on 5th July at 9 AM.

On the back: Near the Chuya Steppe

Near the Chuya Steppe. Photo by Alexey Zyryanov