Chuysky Trakt 2021
The ultimate cycling challenge
starts on 5th July 2021
The Chuysky Trakt 2021 is 1200 km cycling challenge in Altay region, Russia
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A journey along one of the most beautiful roads in Russia. From Biysk to Kosh-Agach, the scenery changes drastically from green valleys of Katun river to dry steppe in the south.


Your strength, endurance, and foresight are challenged. There are several mountain passes on the route. The weather of Altay is unpredictable and may turn from blue skies into storm in a very short time.


The first 1000+ LRM ride in Siberia. The distance is 1200 kilometers, and the time limit is 90 hours. Riders must follow the route and check in at controls. Successful rides are registered at ACP.


On the back: The Chuysky trakt

The Chuysky trakt. Photo by Alexey Zyryanov