The Chuysky Trakt ride starts in Biysk on 5th of July, 2021.

Qualification is required.

Number of participants is to be announced in January of 2021.

Registration fee is to be announced in January of 2021.

The registration takes place a day before the start, which is 4th July.

Frequently Asked Questions


The pre-ride registration will take place near the place where the ride starts, at evening of 4th July.

How to get to Biysk?

It depends on where you come from.

If you come from Altay or neighbourhood such as Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, and Tomsk regions, the websites of Novosibirsk and Biysk bus stations (no English translation, sorry) may be helpful, but we'd bet you already know the best way to get to Biysk from where you live.

Trains are convenient to travel to medium distances. You can browse the schedules and buy tickets at the Russian Railways website; please note that Biysk is spelled as Biisk there. For your information, here is a quote from the rules: "Bicycles must be disassembled and packed, and then kept on the baggage shelves so they do not bother other passengers. The fare for each bicycle is as much as for 10 kg of baggage. You may also put your bicycle into the baggage compartment."

The airports nearest to Biysk are: Gorno-Altaysk (code RGK, 82 km from Biysk), Barnaul (BAX, 133 km), and Novokuznetsk (NOZ, 183 km); the nearest international airport that receives flights from Europe is Tolmachevo in Novosibirsk (OVB, about 350 km). For your information, Aeroflot takes bicycles with no additional charge. Please find details at the website of the airline.

The bus route no. 111E connects Tolmachevo with the Novosibirsk-Glavniy railway station.

And, finally, there is a special option. You may consider renting a car in Novosibirsk and making your way to Biysk via the R-256 highway, which is also known as Chuysky trakt.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with planning your travel.

What is included and what is not included in the registration fee?

The registration fee covers the following:

  • Mandatory attributes of a participant: route sheet, frame plate numbers.
  • Validation of the ride and delivery of the route sheet to the rider.
  • Food at controls.
  • Bagdrop at Yaloman control.
  • Keeping participants' personal belongings near the start location for the time of the event.

What is not included:

  • Your stay before the start and after the finish.
  • Spare parts at controls, should you need anything.
  • Event jersey.
  • Taking you from the route. There are no rescuers and no medics among us, we do not have any rescue vehicles neither. Ride with a company, be careful. We will list telephone numbers of emergency services in your route sheet.


There will be 11 controls on the route, not including start and finish. Most controls will be tent camps. See full details at the Route page.

What facilities will be available at controls?

All controls except "Katun" will offer drinks and hot meals. The food will be simple but we'll do our best for you to not have to think about food while you are on your way to the next contol.

Most controls will have a place to sleep.

See more details at the Route page.

Will I be able to charge my electronic devices at controls?

That may be possible, but please remember that a typical control will be tent camp, and there will be no reliable sources of electricity.

Consider having a backup, like taking a power bank with you or sending it to the Yaloman control.

On the back: Near the Chuya Steppe

Near the Chuya Steppe. Photo by Alexey Zyryanov