The route is as follows.

  • From start in Biysk, following the Chuysky trakt, to Kosh-Agach.
  • From Kosh-Agach back to the north, through Ust-Sema to the bridge that crosses the Katun river near the Biruzovaya Katun resort.
  • Over the bridge, then to the Aya village.
  • From Aya village to Altayskoye village.
  • From Altayskoye through Nizhnekamenka, Rossoshi, and Starobelokurikha to the Belokurikha-2 resort.
  • From Belokurikha-2 to finish in Biysk.

The route is 1200 km long, the total ascent is approximately 10 km.

There may be minor changes to the route. Should they have happened, we will announce them.

Before the start we will provide GPX tracks for participants who use electronic navigation devices.

Roads and terrain

All roads on the route are asphalted, and the average quality of surface is good. Roadworks are possible; usually one lane is closed for repairs and the traffic goes through the other one. We will notify riders about coming roadworks.

The valley of Katun from Gorno-Altaysk (Горно-Алтайск—for your convenience, we provide Cyrillic names that you may see on the road signs) to Ust-Sema (Усть-Сема) is a popular resort. There are many villages and camping grounds there, and hence the traffic may be significant. The route is almost flat, as the valley is wide, and the road doesn't go far from the river.

Things change as soon as the route crosses the Katun (Катунь) river in Ust-Sema (Усть-Сема). The gradual ascent to the Seminsky (Семинский) pass begins, climbing to about 800 m on the distance of 80 km. Then the major climb to the northern slope of the pass starts, it is 9 km long with the average gradient of 7%. The elevation of the Seminsky pass is 1,717 m.

The road goes down the southern slope of the pass to the valley of river Ursul (Урсул), and then goes down the valley along the river, which together gives about 70 km of descent. After that, the road turns into the valley of river Maly Ilgumen (Малый Ильгумень), and the ascent to the Chike-Taman (Чике-Таман) mountain pass begins, followed by the pass itself. The western climb to the Chike-Taman pass is about 4 km with an average gradient of about 7%; the elevation of the pass is 1,295 m.

After the descent from Chike-Taman, the gradual ascent begins, and from time to time there are long and steep climbs and downhills with gradients of up to 10%. This kind of terrain continues until the road comes into the valley of river Chuya (Чуя) to the east of Aktash (Акташ). The route follows the valley for about 20 km, and that part is almost flat. Then the road comes into Kuray steppe; the gradual ascent begins and continues till Kosh-Agach (Кош-Агач)—the most southern point of the route has the elevation of 1,750 m.

The way back from Kosh-Agach to Ust-Sema goes through all the same places in backward order. The Chike-Taman pass is almost symmetrical, both its slopes are about 4 km with an average gradient of 7%. The Seminsky pass is less steep from the south than from the north.

Soon after Ust-Sema, the route crosses the Katun river and goes through Biruzovaya Katun resort (Бирюзовая Катунь), and then Aya (Ая) and Altayskoye (Алтайское) villages. The riders have to ascend to the Biruksinsky (Бирюксинский) pass that is gentle but quite long—about 20 km with gradients of a few percent. After descending from the pass, the road becomes almost flat and goes to the last noticeable climb to the Belokurikha-2 (Белокуриха-2) resort.

The final 80 km of the route are flat.

On the altitude profile, numbers refer to:

  1. Seminsky pass.
  2. Chike-Taman pass.
  3. Kosh-Agach.
  4. Chike-Taman pass.
  5. Seminsky pass.
  6. Biruksinsky pass.
  7. Belokurikha-2.


There will be approximately 10 controls, including the start one. Riders will need to check in every time they pass the control.

Food and drinks will be available on all controls. Some places will also feature showers and places for sleep. There will be one bag drop.

We will describe the controls on this page when we have the exact list of them.

On the back: Near the Bely Bom Rock

Near the Bely Bom Rock. Photo by Alexey Zyryanov